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During the month of December, 2020 AFCAC conducted a number of activities as IEC Materials Campaign, Social Media Mobilization, Provision of Legal Aid and Consultation to the Victims of Corruption, Advocacy Initiatives for System Reform, Transparency Cup Event and Provincial Accountability and Transparency Gathering of Nangarhar.

AFCAC team conducted these activities in Kabul, Nangarhar, Laghman and Kunar provinces. The purpose of the activities conducted is to make common people understand what corruption is and how to stand and fight against corruption.  In addition, AFCAC legal team provided free legal aid and consultation to the victims of corruption and conducted various advocacy meetings for system reform in order to address all those complaint cases the legal team received during Zero AFN Banknote Campaigns.

Advocacy Meeting with Health Net TPO, Nangarhar

AFCAC also conducted Transparency Cup Event in Nangarhar in order to spread the message of standing and fighting against corruption through cricket tournament and players.

Transparency Cup Event, Nangarhar

Besides, AFCAC successfully conducted Provincial Accountability and Transparency Gathering with the esteemed governor of Nangarhar and created a platform for both citizens and the governmental authorities to listen to one another and find solutions to the problems the citizens had in their living areas.  

Transparency and Accountability Gathering, Nangarhar

The activities conducted by AFCAC in Kabul, Nangarhar , Laghman and Kunar provinces are highly appreciated by the common people and governmental employees. As an inclination, AFCAC’s Motto which states that “Neither I give bribe nor I take bribe” perfectly matches the scenario AFCAC is currently working in. For the reason that AFCAC’s activities are for the welfare of common people in addition to government employees. AFCAC has encouraged many people for fighting against corruption and has given them the courage of raising voices against corrupt officials.