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Launch of Zero AFN Note Campaign

Afghans Coordination Against Corruption – AFCAC officially launched Zero AFN Note campaign for the first time in Afghanistan through a press conference on April 11, 2019 at Panjshir Hall, Intercontinental Hotel, Kabul, Afghanistan. Mr. Sadaqat Ali Executive Director, Mr. Ehsanullah Hikmat, Project Manager, Ms. Salima Siddique Complaint Officer and Ms. Zuhra Kalangari Kabul based volunteers representative spoke to the participants and media about the Zero Note campaign. The panelists responded the questions of the media representatives as well. About fifteen media representatives covered the event, including, Tolo News, 1TV, Kabul News, Pazhwak News Agency, Azadi Radio, etc.

Zero Note Campaign

Corruption is global phenomenon; it exists almost in all countries. In some countries it has been controlled, while others still try to mitigate and eliminate corruption. Both the governments and the citizens are equally responsible for striving for the mitigation and combating corruption. Various governments and citizens of different countries have taken certain measures to tackle corruption. One of such effort is the “Zero Note”, The Zero AFN Note is a simple currency-like looking tool designed to resemble the AFN 1000 currency in Afghanistan, but made larger than the AFN Thousand note, with an Anti-bribery Pledge replacing the Reserve Bank Governor’s pledge of the actual money’s tender. The front of the ZAN has “I PROMISE TO NEITHER ACCEPT NOR GIVE BRIBE” printed on the front bottom center. The organization’s contact info and an anti-bribery appeal (“If anyone demands a bribe, give this note and report the case”) is also printed on the ZAN.

The moment a corrupt government employee receives the note, he or she is shaken up a bit and immediately responds to the situation in a friendly and helpful manner simply to avoid getting into the bribe-radar and therefore the ZAN proves to be a simple, strong and effective “Non-violent weapon of Non-cooperation” giving voice to the “voiceless” and power to the “powerless”.

Martin Luther King once very famously said, “The silence of the good people is more dangerous than the brutality of the bad people”. Realizing what man could achieve if corruption was to be completely eliminated from our day-to-day lives. The Zero AFN notes will be printed to empower the common man – those who suffer the most, those who are often oppressed by corrupt officials. The idea of the note is to tell people that they no longer needed to be afraid of those in power, and to make them realize that they had nothing to lose and that for the first time; they were not alone in the fight. This will also give people the chance to register a grassroots protest against low-level corruption.

Involving the citizen is key in fighting corruption effectively; and the Zero Note is one of the best tools to mobilize and involve the citizen to “Say No to Corruption” by combating corruption in all levels. They will be informed and satisfied that they are not alone; AFCAC will fully support them whenever they face the corrupt officials. By reporting the case AFCAC will fully cooperate with the person through its legal team.

AFCAC has vast experience in public mobilization and providing legal assistance and consultation.