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AFCAC registered with Ministry of Economy as an independent organization. AFCAC visions a transparent, accountable, democratic and prosperous Afghanistan base on social justice and rule of law in the country. In view of wide spread corruption in Afghanistan there is need for serious cope against corruption. Corruption in Afghanistan has spread all over the country so it has to be tackle by the CSOs, Community Members/Elders, Scholars, Professors etc.

AFCAC has launched Annual General Meeting to elect board members and chairman for one year.

Eng. Amanullah Aman, Ms. Leena Shinwari, Eng. Meera Khan Afghan, Ms. Karima Rahyar, Mr. Nazir Ahmad Mohmand, Mr. Mohammad Qasim Zamani, Mr. Najibullah Habibi, Ms. Malika Qanih, Ms. Suraya Yosufzai successfully find the way for advisory board.

After the successful conduction of General meeting, in which the new AFCAC Advisory Board members were selected; the first Board meeting was held on February 14, 2018. In the beginning, AFCAC Executive Director congratulated the new elected board members and hoped that with the new board AFCAC programs will be improved and the fight against corruption will be intensified. Followed by the opening remarks of the Executive Director, there was the introduction. The members introduced themselves in detail.

One of the agenda points of this meeting was to select the Board Chairman and vice chairman. After a long and comprehensive discussion, Eng. Amanullah Aman was selected as the board new chairman and Ms. Leena Shinwari as the Vice chairman.

The next discussion was   on how the board will operate. All the members expressed their views. It was unanimously decided that the board meetings will be held quarterly. It was also said that the board will assist AFCAC in strategic planning and fund raising.

As a final point they promised that the board will fully support AFCAC in all important issues and whenever required.