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Employees of the Directorate of Results and High School Certificate in Kabul were supposed to be trained through capacity building training, after recognizing and considering their volumes of difficulties, AFCAC planned to have a capacity building training for 64 employees of the above-mentioned directorate on 20th April 2017; because their interest and willingness for the capacity building training in administration and management field really surprised everyone, even they were available for the training on their day off.

The training ended in its best possible way and showed AFCAC’s success. It is worth mentioning that it the training would not have been possible without DI’s assistance. According to participant’s feedback, the training really had a positive impact on the capacity of the employees and they were delighted with the contents of the training and the way it was delivered.

Mr. Abdul Jaseem, Head of High School Certificates Distribution, said, that “ It’s been 12 years that I have been working in this directorate but no organization has organized us training like this one. He further added, we need at least one training like this every year, I am really thankful to AFCAC and their donors for taking such initiative.