After seven months AFCAC effective and efficient advocacy campaign; the MOCIT took the overall ownership of 10% telecommunication service tax deducting system, ATRA and MOF will work closely with MOCIT to collect 10% tax in transparent manner. In addition the government effort has speed up for making Real Time Data Management System (RTDMS) for collecting 10% telecommunication tax. The Minister of MoCIT Mr. Shehzad Gul Aryoobi has promised with AFCAC in the meeting and also in the AFCAC National Anti-Corruption Conference in front of media that the new system (RTDMS) will be in placed within 3-4 months. He also said that introduction of RDMS is in his priority and it will not just cut of the corruption hands in the process additionally it will help us to generate more revenue from the telecommunication sector. The developing of the mentioned system is in procurement stage, National Procurement Authority (NPA) has received Proposal from 4 companies and soon they will sign contract with one of them. Most of the parliament members are also agreed with the RDMS because it can help the government to allocate budget for development. It is worth mentioning that public awareness has been increased, most of people know about the current 10% telecommunication tax deducting system.