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AFCAC conducted Zero AFN Banknote campaigns during the month of October in Kabul, Nangarhar, Laghman and Kunar provinces. AFCAC team, community mobilizers and its volunteer members went to various governmental and non-governmental entities and conducted the effective campaign in Sra Rod District, 1st, 4th & 7th Zones of Jalalabad, Siraj-ul-Amarat Garden, Bibi Maryam High School (Female), Angeza Shinwari High School (Female), Department of Afghanistan National Statistics and Information Authority, Sher Shah Soori High School, Fatima Zahra Hospital, Nangarhar University Teaching Hospital and Chushmai Khanjee Area in Nangarhar in Nangarhar; Arzan Qemat Area and Downtown of Kabul City in Kabul; Downtown of Laghman city; and Downtown of Asad Abad City along with 1st & 4th Zones in Kunar. This campaign aimed to give people sense of fighting against corruption and wanted people to raise voices, stand and fight for their legal rights.

During the campaign, people felt happy and understood if an employee does not proceed his/her legal process ahead and is trying to pave the way to the illegal act of bribing, Zero AFN Banknote exists to help him/her and solve the problems. Zero AFN Banknote is a crucial tool in fighting against corruption by which people say NO to corruption.